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We are your Driveways Specialist here in Launceston

Be it a small residential driveway or driveways for all sorts of business establishments, we will make sure to have our eyes on every detail of what we do as we are the right driveway experts you can call here in Launceston. 

We are the number one trusted driveways experts, as we provide the most affordable yet high class quality of concrete driveways installation here in Launceston and its nearby regions. We give importance to every property that we work on as our clients are also important to us because we would never cut corners.

Reasons Why We Are Preferred Here in Launceston

Pro Driveways Launceston has been known as a concrete driveways specialist as we don’t just install but we also handle all the planning and estimation to perfectly install your concrete driveways. We guarantee you the finest quality as we have our registered concreters and contractors willing to get the job done precisely and in a timely manner to give you an outcome that’s beyond your expectation.

There are some particular reasons why people here in Launceston preferred us and these are because:

Our Services

At Pro Driveways Launceston, we don’t put limits on our ability. As long as we can picture it on our mind, then we can build it. Hence, we were able to install not just a vast array of concrete driveways, but we can also install various concrete surfaces for pool areas, pathways, retaining walls, drainage, kerbs, and for any entertaining place or business establishments.

constructed driveway

Concrete Driveways Launceston

Here in Launceston, almost everyone owns a car that’s why driveways are essentials to have in your property. Concrete driveways give ease when you enter your garage and it gives aesthetic to your property. Hence, making sure that your concrete driveway is precisely installed by experienced and skilled concreters. Thus, here in Pro Driveways Launceston, we always make sure that your concrete driveways have a long-lasting durability and well-designed style.

We build our concrete driveways scrupulously to make sure that the concrete driveways we provide are on point and suitable for all sorts of properties. We guarantee you that the quality of our concrete driveways will have a zero crack and damages even with a very little maintenance. However, if you have damage or cracks in your concrete driveways, you can still count on our team to get it fixed in no time even if we weren’t the original team who installed it as we offer concrete resurfacing as well.

Our team of professional concreters has specific and firm rules and procedures that they follow to make sure that the installation method is precise. Aside from that, our team also has a guideline to follow to ensure that the whole process is safe and free from all hazards. With our concrete driveways, we guarantee you that you will have decades of ease in your property with practicality.

Aside from long-lasting durability, we also have a wide range of designs, styles and colours for your concrete driveway. Our team strives to provide modern concrete driveways that’s not boring and will surely add potential to your property. We also make sure that each of the concrete driveways we install has a non-slippery feature and any other designs such as steps or footpaths. We guarantee you that with our team by your side, you will have an eye catching and durable concrete driveway in your property.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway Launceston

An exposed aggregate is one of the most popular here in Launceston as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, yet it still lasts for decades. The process of making an exposed aggregate concrete driveway is to expose the concrete mix and on top of it is a mixture of pebbles or small stones that has been smoothed off. The added aggregate is not just for decorative purposes as it is the one that produced a strong grip on the surface of the concrete perfectly designed as a driveway for all types of properties. 

Another reason why this is famously requested by most of our clients as exposed aggregate concrete driveways has a variety of grade, size, stones and pigments that you can select which gives it endless decorative designs and styles. In addition, you can also easily have polished your exposed aggregate concrete to create a new design in the future if you want to have a new look for your driveway.

As you have observed here in Launceston, most people used exposed aggregate concrete not just as driveways but as different concrete surfaces for all types of residential and business establishment as their patios, stairs, concrete surfaces for pool areas and any other outdoor entertainment places. Most people prefer exposed aggregate concrete as it will still remain durable for years even if it has been exposed to all different weathers. Which is why exposed concrete is perfectly designed for driveways and any other public places.

black aggregate
colored driveway

Coloured Concrete Driveways Launceston

The reason why concrete is called Coloured Concrete is because it has natural looking pigments that can last for lifetime. Another element that makes its pigment last for years is because of its fine finishing sealer that protects the pigments from stain and from fading. It gives a refreshing ambiance in your property and it can endure all weather conditions. With our team by your side, you will have an endless option when it comes to shades, design and styles to choose. With our wide selection, you can also request for a personalized design for a modern look that will suit your property.

Here at Pro Driveways Launceston, we make sure to always add a finishing coat to our coloured concrete as our finishing coat formula consists of UV Resistant. Another purpose for thus UV Resistant finishing coat is to shield the pigment of your concrete and to maintain its natural pigment despite all the weather conditions. Though you can also count on our team that we will help you to maintain your coloured concrete.

For decades, our coloured concrete has been most requested and trusted by most of our customers as it is:

  • Has a long-lasting durability
  • Effortless to maintain
  • Perfect for all sorts of properties here in Launceston

Our team here at Pro Driveways Launceston uses oxides only to mix with the concrete which is our key process to make the pigment of our coloured concrete last for lifetime. We have years of experience handling coloured concrete and we have learned to only use the most durable Australian brand materials and paired it with our excellent workmanship to make sure that your coloured concrete is high-quality.

As what we mentioned earlier on this page, we offer a vast array of design, styles, and colours and that’s because we are aware that we have a large scope of customers here in Launceston and its surrounding regions. Thus, we know that our customers will desire for a unique design and style for their coloured concrete as not everyone has the same taste so prepared with a wide variety of selection. 

We guarantee you that our coloured concrete will suit all kinds of surroundings which is also a reason why this is mostly used to some well-known buildings here in Launceston. Aside from that, our coloured concrete is also preferred as it is perfect for people who are sticking to their budget. Therefore, for a budget-friendly coloured concrete driveway installation, make sure to contact Launceston Driveway and you will have an outstanding looking and long-lasting driveway.

Stencilled Concrete Driveways Launceston

A stencilled concrete has a very convincing tile stone or brick type of a concrete. It is called stencilled as it involves stencilling which is usually done with a saturated wax roll paper and pre-cut to patterns to create a very realistic tile stone and brick styles.

It is a wet set concrete when first laid in the surface then followed by a colour hardener to cast cover the concrete and then spread it in with trowels and surfaced by applying a release agent. This process will have a realistic tile stone or brick look as an outcome which also lasts for years.

Just like our previous concrete driveways, our stencilled concrete is not just for driveways. It is also perfect as pathways, patio, stairs and steps on your driveway or on your yard. We don’t put limits on what we can do as we are aware that a stencilled concrete is also perfect for all types of surfaces.

We know that our customers would love to see different patterns. That’s why we provided a wide variety of patterns, tile stone and brick styles to give you more choices. We even have Rosettes and compasses styles in our selection as we know that these two are well-known styles. Aside from that, you can also request for a personalized design and style or pattern such as a logo, name or even an image.

The reason why stencilled concrete has a very realistic tiles stone and brick design is because of its realistic grout line. Due to our years of experience handling stencilled concrete, we were able to master this one and produced a high-quality stencilled concrete with an aesthetic finish.

No matter what design or style you desire for a stencilled concrete driveway, don’t hesitate to request it to us and we will make it happen. Here at Pro Driveways Launceston, we make sure to create the picture you have on mind. Thus, contact our team to work on your stencilled concrete driveway today.

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We are you Launceston Driveway Professionals

Our team of professionals here in Pro Driveways Launceston has been well-trained, experienced for years and skilled concreters. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to concreting and driveways reason why we are very reliable when working on it. We pride ourselves with the quality we produce that’s why we always make sure that the outcome of every project we handle is high-quality and long-lasting. We assure you that our staff here are friendly, kind and very accommodating.

All of our concrete driveways that we provide are guaranteed and proven to be high-quality and made with premium Australian brands yet are very affordable and perfect for your budget. Aside from that, we also offer other services such as phone call consultation and give you the most accurate advice you need. We can even offer you a discount if you want your concrete driveway to get started immediately and done on time. 

Here at Launceston, we are known as the most reliable concreters as we don’t pressure our customers with expensive rates. We know that a long-lasting concrete driveway doesn’t have to be expensive, that’s why we offer budget-friendly rates to all of our customers here in Launceston and its surrounding regions. 

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