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Here in Launceston, almost everyone owns a car that’s why driveways are essentials to have in your property. Concrete driveways give ease when you enter your garage and it gives aesthetic to your property. Hence, making sure that your concrete driveway is precisely installed by experienced and skilled concreters. Thus, here in Pro Driveways Launceston, we always make sure that your concrete driveways have a long-lasting durability and well-designed style.

With Launceston Driveway you can expect that we will:

  • Offer you the most reasonable rates for long-lasting concrete driveways
  • Vast array of selection for designs, styles, and colours
  • Provide all sorts and complete concrete driveways installation

We build our concrete driveways scrupulously to make sure that the concrete driveways we provide are on point and suitable for all sorts of properties. We guarantee you that the quality of our concrete driveways will have a zero crack and damages even with a very little maintenance. However, if you have damage or cracks in your concrete driveways, you can still count on our team to get it fixed in no time even if we weren’t the original team who installed it as we offer concrete resurfacing as well.

Our team of professional concreters has specific and firm rules and procedures that they follow to make sure that the installation method is precise. Aside from that, our team also has a guideline to follow to ensure that the whole process is safe and free from all hazards. With our concrete driveways, we guarantee you that you will have decades of ease in your property with practicality.

Our team strives to provide modern concrete driveways that’s not boring and will surely add potential to your property. We also make sure that each of the concrete driveways we install has a non-slippery feature and any other designs such as steps or footpaths. We guarantee you that with our team by your side, you will have an eye catching and durable concrete driveway in your property.


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To give you an exact time measurement for the durability of our concrete driveways, it can last up to 35 years even with a very little maintenance. 

Though, with regular maintenance and proper care, the concrete driveways we installed for you could last for 50 years or even lifetime.

Reason why concrete driveways are most preferred is because it will still remain cool even if it is already summer. Aside from that, it’s structure won’t change even if it has been exposed to different weather conditions. Thus, with the concrete driveways that we install, you can rest assured that you will have the best experience and great potential in your yard. 

Maintenance of Concrete Driveways

We all want to make our concrete driveways to last and the best key to that is to maintain your concrete driveway. Some people would think that it’s expensive but it’s not. You can just maintain it by yourself. Maintaining your concrete driveways will only require a brush to remove any dirt on it with water using a garden hose.

Aside from that, you can also request from us to add a finishing seal on your concrete driveway to protect its design and colour from any kind of stain as stain is one thing that we can’t avoid having on our driveways. Finishing sealer is also for decorative purposes, something like a gloss to give it a shine.

Though, if you really want to make your concrete driveway to stay in shape and perfect condition do not hesitate to ask for our help as we can help you maintain your concrete driveways. Just some reminders, every types of concrete driveways have a limit so to avoid getting any damages or crack on your concrete driveways, keep the following information in mind:

Avoid heavy vehicles

As what has been said, every concrete has a weight limit and if you have a residential concrete driveway, you should keep in mind that large trucks and vans can cause too much pressure on your concrete driveway. Heavyweights can cause small cracks and small cracks can spread out to the surface.

Clean up any spills immediately

One of the things that we can’t avoid on our driveways are stains. However, it can be treated no matter what kind of stain it is. All you have to do is to put an absorbent on the stain like cat litter and leave it for a few hours. After that, you can just clean it up and follow it with some detergent.

Don’t ignore the small cracks

As was mentioned earlier on this page, small cracks can spread out on your concrete driveways and it can be very unappealing to look at. Once cracks get bigger, it can be very expensive to fix.

Though Pro Driveways Launceston, you can rest assured that we will offer you a concrete resurfacing and your concrete driveways will look good as new in no time. So, call us today for any sort of help you need for your concrete driveways.

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