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Exposed Aggregate Driveways Launceston

Exposed Aggregate

Also known as the “king of driveway materials” for its versatile and durable features. Most people here in Launceston also considered this as the overall concrete. A type of concrete that suits all properties here in Launceston. 

Most requested and well-known concrete we have here in Launceston for its first-class and modern exterior. With Pro Driveways Launceston, you will be able to have a wide-range variety selection to come up with a suitable design and style for your property.

What is an Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

An exposed aggregate is one of the most popular here in Launceston as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, yet it still lasts for decades. The process of making an exposed aggregate concrete driveway is to expose the concrete mix and on top of it is a mixture of pebbles or small stones that has been smoothed off. The added aggregate is not just for decorative purposes as it is the one that produced a strong grip on the surface of the concrete perfectly designed as a driveway for all types of properties. Due to the mixture of pigment and pebbles, its outcome became an eye-catching reason why even public entertaining places use it as their concrete surfaces.

A Genuine Multipurpose Concrete Material

Another reason why this is famously requested by most of our clients as exposed aggregate concrete driveways has a variety of grade, size, stones and pigments that you can select which gives it endless decorative designs and styles. In addition, you can also easily have polished your exposed aggregate concrete to create a new design in the future if you want to have a new look for your driveway.

As you have observed here in Launceston, most people used exposed aggregate concrete not just as driveways but as different concrete surfaces for all types of residential and business establishment as their patios, stairs, concrete surfaces for pool areas and any other outdoor entertainment places. Most people prefer exposed aggregate concrete as it will still remain durable for years even if it has been exposed to all different weathers. Which is why exposed concrete is perfectly designed for driveways and any other public places.

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Final Touch Options

Water wash

This kind of final touch involves spraying water on the mortar surface to expose aggregate and this technique doesn’t require chemicals but a simple water spray and brushing the surfaces to give it appealing and breathtaking effects. A typical exposed aggregate with long-lasting durability and designs.


If the previous final touch uses a spray of water to expose the aggravate, this one uses sandblasting to expose the aggregate after it has been hardened. A perfect method in achieving even vertical and sharp surfaces. However, this might have a limited pigment and can even end up with a dull look.

Pavilion Finish

This type of final touch uses an acid solution to remove the cover and expose around the aggregate fluctuating depth. Though before the application of the acid solution, its surface needs to be ground first to give it a non-slippery feature and a better-quality surface.

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