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Stencil Concrete Driveways Launceston

Stencilling is considered as a masterpiece on a concrete’s surface as it requires creativity. Though as a homeowner, you should be ready for what design and style you want to have on your stencilled concrete driveway. 

The reason why it is called stencilled concrete is because we use stencilling in creating the patterns on its surface as a decorative and artistic purpose. Stencilling requires creativity to come up with perfect patterns.

In addition, stencilled concrete can only be perfect by skilled concreters such as our team as the entire procedure can be complicated for novice concreters. One of the most important parts in stencilling is the surface preparation as we need to make sure that the pigment can be emphasized to make it more realistic tile stone or brick. 

Stencilling: Specifics and Effects

A stencilled concrete has a very convincing tile stone or brick type of a concrete. It is called stencilled as it involves stencilling which is usually done with a saturated wax roll paper and pre-cut to patterns to create a very realistic tile stone and brick styles.

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It is a wet set concrete when first laid in the surface then followed by a colour hardener to cast cover the concrete and then spread it in with trowels and surfaced by applying a release agent. This process will have a realistic tile stone or brick look as an outcome which also lasts for years.

Just like our previous concrete driveways, our stencilled concrete is not just for driveways. It is also perfect as pathways, patio, stairs and steps on your driveway or on your yard. We don’t put limits on what we can do as we are aware that a stencilled concrete is also perfect for all types of surfaces.

We know that our customers would love to see different patterns. That’s why we provided a wide variety of patterns, tile stone and brick styles to give you more choices. We even have Rosettes and compasses styles in our selection as we know that these two are well-known styles. Aside from that, you can also request for a personalized design and style or pattern such as a logo, name or even an image.

The reason why stencilled concrete has a very realistic tiles stone and brick design is because of its realistic grout line. Due to our years of experience handling stencilled concrete, we were able to master this one and produced a high-quality stencilled concrete with an aesthetic finish.

No matter what design or style you desire for a stencilled concrete driveway, don’t hesitate to request it to us and we will make it happen. Here at Pro Driveways Launceston, we make sure to create the picture you have on mind. Thus, contact our team to work on your stencilled concrete driveway today.

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